Meet Tyler & Arlo


K9 ArloK9 Arlo is a 4 1/2-Year-Old German Shepherd who was medically retired as a Police K9 in April 2021 after being shot twice on duty.
K9 Arlo and his handler, Tyler McCoy served as a K9 Team since 2019. K9 Arlo now lives with Tyler and continues their social media to spread positivity and mental health awareness.

K9 Arlo was originally from Canada where both is parents are well known in the sport world. K9 Arlo was flown to Rochester, WA where he was picked to be the next K9 for Thurston County Sheriff.

Tyler McCoy has served in law enforcement for the past 7 years with three different departments. He has recently left law enforcement to work with the state on the Law Enforcement Mental Health Task Force and to help with legislative bills regarding law enforcement.

Tyler and Arlo has also recently been using their social media platform to share their cooking escapades while engaging with supporters on their “Cooking with Arlo” segments. They hope to continue bringing smiles to faces worldwide.